PC Tuneup

We can make your computer faster than new.

If you’ve had your computer longer than a year, it’s probably not as fast as it used to be. Websites and apps are more demanding than ever, and your machine is likely struggling to keep up. Don’t buy a new computer yet though! Almost all PCs made in the last ten years are compatible with newer, faster technology, and can be safely upgraded for under $100. You’ll see immediate performance the moment you turn on your “new” PC. It might even be faster than when you first bought it!

We will work with your needs (and your budget) to maximize your computer’s speed and longevity. Using a combination of better hardware and software, we can add years to your machine’s useful life. Depending on how you use your computer, we might even be able to give you a free upgrade that will eliminate the threat of viruses, ransomware, and hackers, while preventing your computer from slowing down over time.

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We upgrade your hard drive to a super-fast and reliable 120GB solid-state drive. Your computer will start up faster, and opening programs and files will take less time. Data transfer included. Larger drives available upon request for a fee. Software re-installation may cost extra, for technical reasons.
For $20 extra ($25 for desktops), we'll convert your computer's old hard drive into an external USB drive for extra files, backups, or anything else.
We rebuild your computer, carefully cleaning each part of built-up dust and dirt, which can cause your machine to run hot and slow. We reserve the right to charge extra for cases involving tobacco smoke or other hazards.
We upgrade your computer's memory (RAM), allowing you to do more things faster. The price for this can vary widely, so you'll get an actual quote after we see your computer. Not all machines can get this upgrade, due to hardware limitations.
We can upgrade your computer to use Linux instead of Microsoft Windows. Linux is faster, doesn't get viruses, has free upgrades forever and a built-in app store with thousands of outstanding free programs, and more. If we can't make you happy with Linux, you get a full refund (of the $20, not everything else of course).