TerranQuest Website

We've been busy, and have updated and expanded the TerranQuest website. You should check it out. [...] Read more


We've been working on TerranQuest for a while now. If you don't know, TerranQuest is a mobile video [...] Read more

SyMAT 2.1 released!

We're excited to announce SyMAT 2.1. We've been working on this update for some time, and it's [...] Read more

SyMAT Pad Viewer

Working on a SyMAT team project, but not everybody needs to run SyMAT? Or, are you a professor that [...] Read more


We've been working on making a plugin store for SyMAT. After looking around the web for a pre-built [...] Read more

SyMAT version 2.0.2

We've released a new version of SyMAT. It has some improvements and a couple minor additions. Theme [...] Read more

Apocalypse Laboratories is now Netsyms

We've changed our name! Apocalypse Laboratories is now Netsyms Technologies. Over the next few [...] Read more