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What is Linux?

Linux is a replacement for Microsoft Windows. Linux, Windows, and Apple macOS are operating systems, which manage your files, wifi, screen, and other parts of your computer. You can get online, browse websites, check email, play games, write documents, edit photos, and more with Linux. Unlike Windows, Linux doesn’t get viruses, it runs faster, it’s more secure, doesn’t crash as often (or at all), and can be easier to use.

With Linux, installing new programs and apps is a single click with a built-in app store, and updating your computer and all your programs is just a couple more clicks. You don’t even need to restart to finish installing updates! You’ll also have more room for your stuff: Linux uses less space on your hard drive than Windows, and is more efficient with memory (RAM), allowing you to open more websites and programs at the same time without slowing down.

If you’ve heard about Linux before, you might think it’s complicated, doesn’t work with WiFi, or that you need to use the command line or a text-only interface. This is not true, Linux is often easier to use than Windows, escpecially for non-experts.

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How much does Linux cost?

You might not believe us, but Linux is free! You just pay us for our time to install it, or you could do it yourself in as little as 15 minutes if you have a little technical experience.

Choosing Your Linux

Unlike with Windows, there are hundreds of different Linuxes to choose from. You can pick the one that best fits your computer and your style. Some of our recommendations are below.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint has a familiar desktop if you’re used to Windows. With a simple app menu and taskbar, you’ll feel at home in no time!

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Pop!_OS is great for getting stuff done, whether you’re playing games, listening to music, or writing a document. Install Steam, Spotify, and other programs in just a couple clicks.

elementary OS

elementary OS takes inspiration from Apple to make beautiful and easy to use software for your computer.


Xubuntu runs fast on older and slower computers, while still being easy to use and up-to-date.