PC Cleaning

Is your computer hot, slow, and dirty? We can clean it out for you.

When computers get too hot, they automatically slow down to prevent dangerous overheating.  If your desktop or laptop is running slowly, the cooling system might simply be clogged with dirt.

You could clean your own computer, but there's a risk of damaging sensitive parts.  Let us do it for you.


Basic cleaning is included for free when you pay for another service. We'll gently wipe down the outside of your machine and laptop screens, and blow dust out with pressurized air.
We  remove and clean fans, heatsinks, dust filters, and other parts that typically become dirty. Then we reassemble your machine with new thermal transfer compound, ensuring optimal cooling speed and efficiency.
We perform a full teardown and rebuild of your machine, carefully cleaning and/or washing every part with specialized equipment, removing all possible dirt and dust.  Price depends on difficulty, every machine is different.