Our Beliefs

This page details the official stance of Netsyms Technologies on controversial issues in society. As our religious and political beliefs affect the business and policy decisions made in the company, we feel it is important to publicly disclose them and explain the reasoning behind our decisions. If you do not agree with these beliefs, you cannot be forced to do business with us.

We follow and adhere to the position of the Catholic Church in these matters, and consider ourselves a Catholic company.

Definition of Human Rights

All people are entitled to basic human rights: life, food, clean water, adequate shelter, freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom to own property, freedom to travel, and other basic rights. However, these rights come from an objective moral order and from God. Human rights are not determined by man, through popular vote or other methods. Instead, human rights are derived from the dignity of human persons, which in turn comes from our creation in the image and likeness of God, with the end goal of entering full communion with God in Heaven.

We must refuse to do anything that infringes or helps infringe on true human rights. However, some “rights” are made by men in violation of the natural order of the world, and are false, to the point of depriving others of their basic rights.

Gay “Marriage”

We believe that gay “marriage”, that is, marriage between two men or two women, is wrong. It is not in agreement with Natural Law. The primary purpose of marriage is to bring new life into the world, not for pleasure or in recognition of love.

Again, all human beings, including those with homosexual tendencies, are entitled to basic human rights, as they are created in the image and likeness of God. But if a serial killer says “I was born this way! I can’t help being a killer! You must legalize murder!”, we would laugh at them and they would go to prison or an institution for a very long time. Why, then, should we allow other groups of people, likely with medical disorders, to force everyone to accept their misguided beliefs?


Abortion preys on the youngest and most vulnerable people in society. We believe that human life exists and should be respected from the moment of conception until natural death. Who are we to say an unborn child is just a lump of flesh? Where do we draw the line? Is it okay to kill a week-old infant because they are crying too loudly and are too much a burden? What if your toddler is a handful and you don’t have time to go out with friends as much as you’d like? If a baby is unexpectedly thrust into your arms, and you don’t want a child, should you be allowed to smother it? Of course not! Then why should it be okay to kill a human being only several months younger?