A cloud-based notetaking app.


Stay Organized
Color-code your notes and use the favorites feature to keep your thoughts together.

Keep track of your day by creating checklists. Existing notes can be converted into checklists with a single tap, and items can be marked as done with another tap.

Across All Your Devices
Your notes are available on everything, thanks to a fast and clean web version, an Android app, a cross-platform desktop app, and even a command-line Python client for Linux.  If you don't like our Android app, you can use the Nextcloud Notes Android app instead, simply enter your NotePost address when it asks for a Nextcloud server.

Notes can be easily downloaded as Markdown text, HTML, or OpenDocument text (.odt, compatible with most popular office software).

Simple Formatting
NotePost uses Markdown formatting, a method of showing bold or italic text, lists, headings, and more with plain text. Don't worry about learning Markdown though, you can use the formatting toolbar instead!

JavaScript Optional
When we said "available on everything", we meant everything. The web version of NotePost will run without JavaScript, or even in a text-only browser (although we recommend the Python app if you're going to do that).

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Desktop/Android App

Download for Linux (via APT: notepost) Download for Linux (AppImage amd64) Download for Linux (AppImage i386) Download for Windows Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid

Terminal App

Download for Linux (via APT: python3-notepostcli)







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Terminal App