Tech Services

Computer Repair

Virus removal, hard drive replacement, and other common fixes.

PC Cleaning

Dirt and debris get stuck in your computer's cooling system, causing it to run hot and break sooner.

PC Tuneup

Make your slow computer run like new (or even better) by replacing obsolete parts with newer, faster ones.

WiFi Problems

Unreliable Internet connection, spotty WiFi coverage, or other networking problems.

Security and Privacy

Keep your pictures, documents, and bank info private with our help.

Printer Installation

If only all of life's annoyances could be handled by someone else for a low fee!

That's not all we do! Contact us for any other tech problems you're having, and we'll either give you a free estimate or point you in the right direction.

We also offer these services to businesses and organizations! Contact us to learn more and see if you qualify for a volume or non-profit discount.